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As a seasoned photographer, each wedding I have the privilege of documenting carries with it a unique story. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing the union of Jenny and Matt at the enchanting Hitching Post in the heart of the quiet Maine woods. The experience was nothing short of magical, filled with authentic moments, […]

Married in the Pines – Jenny + Matt’s Photojournalistic Wedding


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Kaitlynn and William’s wedding at the Rockcraft Lodge wedding venue on Sebago Lake in Sebago, Maine, were nothing short of beautiful. On the warm August day I had the privilege of capturing their love against the backdrop of Maine’s picturesque landscape on Sebago Lake. The first thing that struck me upon arriving at the Rockcraft […]

A Colorful Summer Soiree: Kaitlynn + William, Married on Sebago Lake Maine


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Elizabeth and Max got married in Rockland this past weekend and the vision that we chatted so much about before this day finally came to life! As a couple, Mr. + Dr. Mrs. Skor’s success extends to various facets of their lives including their careers, the palpable love from their family and friends, and their […]

Elizabeth + Max’s 2023 Wedding at Primo Barn in Rockland Maine

First dance between bride and groom with smiles and authentic laughter from both people


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On a misty afternoon at the picturesque Portland Head Light in Maine, love was in the air as a couple’s journey took an unexpected and magical turn. The rain, though initially perceived as a challenge, turned out to be the perfect backdrop for a heartwarming proposal session that left everyone in awe.

Embracing the Rain: A Beautiful Proposal Session at Portland Head Light, Maine

An affectionate couple sharing a tender kiss in front of Portland Head Light, Maine. The iconic lighthouse stands tall in the background, while the couple's silhouettes are framed against the overcast sky. Their love shines brightly amidst the misty and romantic ambiance of the rainy day.


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Krystal and Wayne’s love story is one of resilience and perseverance. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had to rethink their wedding plans. Instead of postponing their special day, they decided to elope in Portland, Maine. Their elopement was a beautiful celebration of their love, and a reminder that love always finds a way. Getting […]

Krystal and Wayne’s Intimate Elopement in Portland, Maine During COVID-19: A Story of Love and Resilience


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Digital and film photographer currently residing in Portland, Maine, and servicing all of New England and beyond. Celebrating each couple’s genuine connection and love on their wedding day. My approach is to make photography the last thing on your mind on your wedding day. I want you to be able to be in the moment so that I can candidly capture that moment.
Inclusive AF and loud about it.