Married in the Pines – Jenny + Matt’s Photojournalistic Wedding

As a seasoned photographer, each wedding I have the privilege of documenting carries with it a unique story. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing the union of Jenny and Matt at the enchanting Hitching Post in the heart of the quiet Maine woods. The experience was nothing short of magical, filled with authentic moments, genuine connections, and an abundance of warmth that defined this intimate celebration. Jenny and Matt’s wedding day was heavily documented with an eye for photo-journalistic style and a hands-off approach to enhance the candid moments.

The Hitching Post, nestled in the serene embrace of nature, provided a breathtaking backdrop for Jenny and Matt’s special day. The towering pines and the tranquil surroundings created an atmosphere that was not only lovely but also evoked a sense of tranquility.

The authenticity of this celebration was evident from the beginning. The wedding attire consisted of a vibrant palette of colors worn by the guests, reflecting the lively spirit of the couple. From bold hues to subtle pastels, each guest’s outfit added a layer of visual richness to the event, creating a kaleidoscope of warmth and joy against the muted backdrop of the Maine woods.

The intimate moments shared among family and friends underscored the true essence of this wedding. The genuine connections between guests, the laughter that echoed through the woods, and the heartfelt embraces captured by my lens revealed the depth of the love surrounding Jenny and Matt. The air was filled with a sense of camaraderie and familial bonds, making this celebration feel like a reunion of kindred spirits.

As the couple exchanged vows beneath the towering pines, the atmosphere became charged with the palpable sincerity of their words. The genuine emotions were not only reflected in the couple’s eyes but reverberated through the entire gathering. In a particularly touching moment, Jenny’s mom, her eyes glistening with tears of joy and pride, delivered a heartfelt reading that added an extra layer of emotional depth to the ceremony.

After the ceremony concluded, Jenny and Matt took an intentional moment to spend time alone and alongside those closest to them. Celebratory energy was palpable within their wedding party and the energy started to accelerate as their reception started.

As the day unfolded, the celebration took a delicious turn with a taco food truck and an ice cream truck stationed nearby. The smell of freshly grilled tacos filled the air and complemented the lively atmosphere. After dinner concluded, guests gathered around the ice cream truck and enjoyed a sweet treat before the dancing music started within the Hitching Post.

The evening crescendoed into a lively dance floor, where the love and joy expressed earlier in the day found an energetic outlet. The laughter and rhythm of feet on the wooden dance floor resonated through the Maine woods, creating a lively celebration that seemed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

As the night wound to a close, Jenny and Matt had one more surprise left for their big day. They decided to do a private sparkler exit. The twinkling lights danced in the darkness, creating a spectacular backdrop for the final chapter of Jenny and Matt’s wedding day.

In documenting this celebration, I couldn’t help but feel honored to capture the authentic love, genuine connections, and warm familial bonds that defined Jenny and Matt’s wedding at The Hitching Post.


Photographer: Emily Leonard Photography

Venue: The Hitching Post of Maine

Music: The Celebration Corporation

Videography: The Celebration Corporation

Catering: TACOCAT

Ice Cream Truck: Classic Memories Ice Cream Truck

Dress: Andrea’s Bridal

Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Officiant: Grahm Kwasnik with Celebration Corporation



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