Arcade Amore: Shantel + Tyler’s Engagement Session in Downtown Portland

As a Maine photographer specializing in capturing authentic and genuine moments, I recently had the pleasure of photographing Shantel and Tyler’s engagement session in the heart of downtown Portland. The charming backdrop of this coastal city provided the perfect setting for a session that was filled with silly moments, lots of giggles, and a touch of nostalgia.


Making Our Way Downtown

Cheers! Happy Hour in the Old Port

Game On! Arcade Date Night

Emily’s Final Thoughts

Making Our Way Downtown:

Downtown Portland, Maine, with its cobblestone streets and historic charm, offers a picturesque canvas for engagement photos. Shantel and Tyler’s session began with a stroll through the vibrant streets, capturing their connection against the backdrop of brownstones and local shops.

Cheers! Happy Hour in the Old Port:

Our first stop was the Paper Tiger bar, a trendy spot that perfectly encapsulates the city’s eclectic atmosphere located on Fore Street in the heart of the Old Port in Portland. The vibrant interiors and energetic ambiance set the stage for sweet moments between the couple. Against the glow of the bar’s lights, I captured Shantel and Tyler sharing laughter and a drink.

Game on! Arcade date night:
The excitement reached new heights when we ventured into Arcadia, an arcade bar in downtown Portlnd that adds a playful twist to this engagement session. The couple’s shared love for arcade games made this spot an ideal choice. The flickering lights, the hum of pinball machines, and the cheerful sounds of skee-ball created an atmosphere of pure joy.

Amidst the nostalgic glow of arcade games, I focused on capturing the couple’s genuine connection. Shantel and Tyler embraced the fun-loving spirit of the arcade, engaging in friendly basketball competitions, navigating the challenges of pinball, and sharing playful moments at the skee-ball alley. These candid shots perfectly reflected the couple’s authentic personalities and the excitement of their relationship. With only the glow from the games surrounding us the dark atmosphere was a lovely representation of the moody feel for their photos.

What stood out most during this engagement session was the couple’s ability to let loose and be silly. From playful gestures to spontaneous laughter, Shantel and Tyler embraced every moment with a sense of ease and compatibility. These images not only showcase their love but also highlighted the fun-filled journey they are embarking on together.

Shantel and Tyler’s engagement session in downtown Portland, Maine, was a delightful blend of romance, nostalgia, and fun. As a Southern Maine photographer, I thrive on capturing the authenticity of each couple’s story, and this session was no exception. The unique combination of the Paper Tiger bar and Arcadia provided a unique backdrop for creating memories. Shantel and Tyler proved that an engagement session should represent your connection and relationship. Thinking outside of the box and trusting the process is key to photos that tell the authentic story of the relationship. In the heart of Portland, Shantel and Tyler’s engagement photos serve as a reminder to find the joy of celebrating love in unexpected places.



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