if i were a 
i'd be phoebe


Hi, I'm Emily your favorite weirdo & Wedding Photographer  

I am a photographer

I know how much a photograph
means when that's all you have left.

My goal is to run this business as authentically as possible and be myself at all times so that you can feel genuinely yourselves in front of the camera. 

My late husband, Zach, and I went through an incredible journey together and that is where my love for wedding photography blossomed. We met in 2007, started dating in 2011 and got married in 2019. I fell in love with his sweet and quiet personality, and knew he was a keeper when he would laugh at my bad jokes and bring me coffee every morning. 
In 2016, things got real for us: Zach was diagnosed with Leukemia. 
For years we were on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs with his health and strength. During our wedding planning Zach had a relapse. We nearly had to cancel our wedding in 2019. But, per usual, we rolled with the punches and were able to enjoy the most amazing day of our lives together.


(but who doesn't love an underdog?)

The story of how I got here is pretty messy

In the summer of 2021 I lost Zach due to a rare side effect from treatment.
My world changed in a split second. It feels taboo in so many situations to talk about grief. In my experience, it is so much more helpful to honor it. I take my grief, and love for Zach everywhere I go.

life got real


Throughout the journey of him and I meeting, falling in love, being there for each other on our hardest days, and enjoying each other on our best days, one thing that was consistent for us was appreciating the small moments. The intimate times where no one else is watching. Those are the moments I will cherish for a lifetime, and beyond.
Life is fragile, life is amazing, life is heavy. 
All of these memories and experiences are what I bring to each wedding I photograph. 
Shifting my focus towards people and moments has allowed me to capture memories. 

Photos are one of the only things from your wedding that

over time.

Be sure your memories are
 documented by someone who gets it.

gain value

I want to know more!

are our stars aligned?

are our stars aligned?

find out what we have in common!

favorite food





I chose: TACOS!
Get in my belly!!!
Tacos are my absolute favorite. I love to pair with a margarita for a fun night out! 

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I chose: Coffee!
Iced, cold brew, hot, espresso, or just fresh from the pot. I'm obsessed with this stuff. 

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black tea

green tea 



what gets you going

LGBTQ+ Friendly?


100% yes

LGBTQ+ Friendly?


100% yes

I chose: BOTH!! 
Honestly, there isn't even a parallel universe that I can fathom where this wouldn't be something I believed in whole heartedly. 

My business is based in love, and my personal philosophy backs that 100%. Know that when I'm behind my camera, and when I'm with my friends + family, these values are strong and upheld. 
You will be celebrated here, always.

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favorite pastime

I chose: True Crime Podcasts!! Or really true crime anything.
If you love this stuff + haven't listened to Morbid Podcast, you're missing out! 

watching romcoms

reading comics


true crime podcasts

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favorite pastime

I chose: Something in Nature! 
Maine girl, through + through. Being outdoors especially in a place like Maine is truly calming and my dog and I love it!

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netflix & Chill

Bringing down the club

Something in nature

Fancy dinner


If you're ready to start a wild adventure with a wacky, spunky, and caffeine addicted person who is ready to make your wedding photography experience the most extra and fun she possibly can. Send me a message to see if your date is available and let's get the ball rolling!



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