A Cinematic Day – Sarah and Andrew’s Portland, Maine City Hall Elopement

I recently had the privilege of documenting a beautiful elopement between Sarah and Andrew at our stunning City Hall in Portland, Maine. The marble staircase and the historic State Room provided an elegant backdrop for the ceremony, highlighting the couple’s commitment in a timeless setting.

A Perfect Blend of Vintage and Modern: Against the vintage charm of City Hall, the couple’s decision to embrace a documentary and filmic style allowed for a seamless blend of old-world aesthetics and modern love. The outdoor family portraits against this white stone backdrop became timeless keepsakes.

Exploring Old Port’s Urban Elegance: Venturing into the Old Port district added an urban flair to the photographs. Cobblestone streets and historic buildings provided a rustic and vintage backdrop for their couple portraits as we ventured downtown.

Culminating the Day with Family and Celebration: Sarah and Andrew, along with their close-knit family, continued the celebration with a heartwarming dinner. The atmosphere was adorned with a candlelit tablescape, casting a warm glow that mirrored the love and joy of the day. The intimate gathering allowed everyone to share in the newlyweds’ happiness, creating memories that extended beyond the ceremony.

A Nostalgic Journey Through Time: To cap off the evening, the couple and their loved ones gathered to watch a slideshow chronicling Sarah and Andrew’s journey over the years. From the selfies captured during the early days of their relationship to milestones around the world that shaped their love story, the slideshow became a touching tribute to the depth of their connection. Laughter, tears, and heartfelt memories filled the room as the images flickered across the small laptop screen, reinforcing the sentiment that love will strengthen and grow overtime.

As a photographer, capturing Sarah and Andrew’s elopement revealed the beauty found in the simplicity and intimacy of elopements. Without frills and maximalism of a traditional wedding, elopements allow for couples to truly engage and connect throughout the day with those who mean the most to them. Witnessing Sarah and Andrew exchange vows surrounded by a handful of their favorite people within the walls of a city hall magnifies their love in a unique way. I am so grateful to work with such lovely humans who trust me to capture their day as it unfolds authentically.




  1. Hattie says:

    Absolutely love these Em!

  2. Jesse says:

    The candid moments are unmatched! I absolutely love these. Where in Portland is Arabica coffee?

    • Emily Leonard says:

      Arabica is just a few streets up from the Old Port in Portland! It is on Free Street in Portland, adjacent to Nickelodeon Theater!

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