Olivia and Matt

As a Maine photographer based in Portland, I had the immense pleasure of documenting Olivia and Matt’s wedding on September 2nd, 2023, at the breathtaking Bonaventura Vineyards in Hartford, Maine. The day was a perfect blend of authenticity, genuine moments, and the picturesque beauty that only the Maine woods can provide.

Olivia, in her vintage-inspired bell sleeve lace dress, radiated timeless elegance as she prepared for her big day in an enchanting A-frame cabin. The air was filled with excitement and anticipation, setting the stage for a celebration of love that would be remembered for years to come.

One of the distinctive aspects of this wedding was the use of both digital and film photography. As a Southern Maine photographer with a penchant for creativity, I chose to capture the day using the classic and artistic medium of film. The choice of Porta 400 35mm film added a timeless quality to the images, perfectly complementing the vintage aesthetic of Olivia’s dress.

The day unfolded with a plethora of documentary and candid moments, capturing the essence of Olivia and Matt’s love story in its purest form. From the laughter-filled preparations in the A-frame cabin to the heartfelt vows exchanged with a stunning lake as their backdrop, every frame told a story of love, joy, and authenticity.

The majority of the photos were taken outdoors, amidst the serene beauty of the Maine woods. The natural surroundings provided a perfect canvas for the couple’s playful and genuine interactions, resulting in a collection of images that truly reflect the essence of their relationship.

One of the standout moments was the couple saying their “I dos” with the shimmering lake in the background, adding a touch of magic to an already enchanting day. The Southern Maine landscape served as a stunning backdrop, making every photograph a testament to the beauty of the region and the love shared between Olivia and Matt.

What set this wedding apart was the blend of authentic, genuine, and candid moments infused with a touch of silliness and creativity. From the heartfelt glances exchanged during the ceremony to the spontaneous bursts of laughter on the dance floor, the day was a celebration of love and life in its most unfiltered form.

As a Maine photographer, it was an absolute joy to be a part of Olivia and Matt’s wedding day. The combination of digital and film photography allowed me to capture the day in a way that felt true to the couple’s spirit and the natural beauty of Maine. If there’s one thing I took away from this celebration, it’s that love is best captured in its most authentic and candid moments, and I’m grateful to have been the one to freeze those memories in time.



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