Krystal and Wayne’s Intimate Elopement in Portland, Maine During COVID-19: A Story of Love and Resilience

Portland Maine City Hall Elopement bride and groom stand on the steps of city hall with a beautiful floral arrangement as the photo focus

Krystal and Wayne’s love story is one of resilience and perseverance. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had to rethink their wedding plans. Instead of postponing their special day, they decided to elope in Portland, Maine. Their elopement was a beautiful celebration of their love, and a reminder that love always finds a way.

Getting ready photos are an essential part of any wedding day, and the Press Hotel in Portland, Maine provides the perfect backdrop for capturing these special moments. With its vintage style decor, the hotel offers a range of beautiful settings for getting ready photos, from the elegant guest rooms to the chic lobby and bar areas. The natural light that floods the hotel’s interiors creates a soft and romantic atmosphere. The hotel’s historic architecture and unique design elements also provide a stunning backdrop for artistic and creative shots. Krystal and Wayne could not have chosen a better hotel that is conveniently located across the street from Portland City Hall where they later would say “I do”.

The couple’s elopement ceremony was held at Portland City Hall, where they exchanged vows in a small and intimate ceremony. They were allowed to slip a kiss from behind their masks to seal the deal in the City Clerk’s office. The historic building provided a beautiful backdrop for their special moment. After the ceremony, they took photos in the charming Old Port, with its cobblestone streets and colorful buildings providing the perfect romantic setting.

Their photographer, Emily with Emily Leonard Photography, then took them to Portland Head Light, a historic lighthouse located on the rocky shores of Cape Elizabeth. The stunning natural beauty of the location provided a breathtaking backdrop for their photos. The couple looked radiant and happy, with the wind blowing Krystal’s beautiful ponytail updo while Wayne looked at her with appreciation. In her short white dress and his navy blue suit, the two were congratulated throughout their adventures in Portland and Cape Elizabeth.

They ended their celebratory day by popping environmentally friendly and biodegradable confetti poppers in front of the lighthouse with the rocky coastline decorating the backdrop of their portraits.

Despite the challenges of planning a wedding during a pandemic, Krystal and Wayne’s elopement was a beautiful celebration of their love. The natural beauty of Portland, Maine provided the perfect setting for their special day.

If you are considering eloping, Portland, Maine is a beautiful and romantic location. With its charming downtown area, historic landmarks, and stunning coastal scenery, it is the perfect place to celebrate your love in an intimate and meaningful way.

Congratulations to Krystal and Wayne on their beautiful elopement, and may their love continue to thrive and grow for many years to come!

Vendors and Sources:

Photographer: Emily Leonard Photography

Getting Ready Venue: Press Hotel, Portland Maine

Ceremony Venue: Portland City Hall

Cake: Cake Elizabeth Maine

Florals: Bad Rabbit Flowers

Reception Venue: Old Port, Portland Maine, and Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth Maine

Visit Portland Maine:



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