Elizabeth + Max’s 2023 Wedding at Primo Barn in Rockland Maine

Elizabeth and Max got married in Rockland this past weekend and the vision that we chatted so much about before this day finally came to life! As a couple, Mr. + Dr. Mrs. Skor’s success extends to various facets of their lives including their careers, the palpable love from their family and friends, and their 21-year-long relationship. One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is getting to know my couples even more through stories from those who love them the most. As parents gush over memories from their childhoods while everyone is getting ready, to hearing embarrassing moments from college from friends at cocktail hour, into the evening as toasts and “remember when’s” are floating through the reception, I simply cannot get enough. It is clear from my experience with Max and Elizabeth and all the amazing things spoken about them on their wedding day that the term power couple really captures them perfectly.

Power couple: “a couple consisting of two people who are each influential or successful in their own right.”

See their highlight post on Instagram: Elizabeth + Max’s Wedding Highlight Post

Landscape photo of Primo Restaurant wedding ceremony on a beautiful summer day in Rockland Maine

Nestled in the quaint town of Rockland, Primo Restaurant exudes an undeniable charm that can only be found in the heart of Maine. Surrounded by rolling hills, lush greenery, and a hint of salty ocean air, the venue offered the ideal backdrop for a wedding that was a true reflection of Elizabeth and Max’s personalities. From the weathered wooden exterior to the stone pathways that wound through the grounds, every inch of Primo Restaurant exuded a rustic warmth that set the tone for the day.

Elizabeth and Max were clear from the beginning: they wanted their wedding photographs to be more than just posed portraits. They sought a photojournalistic approach that would capture the genuine emotions, candid interactions, and fleeting moments that made their day so special. And so, they enlisted the talents of a skilled documentary-style digital and film photographer Emily Leonard, whose keen eye for authenticity was bound to preserve their memories in a way that felt alive.

Primo barn wedding venue in Rockland Maine, wide shot with fog and flowers in the foreground

What set Elizabeth and Max’s wedding apart was their commitment to staying true to themselves. The rustic charm of Primo Restaurant seamlessly merged with their personalities, creating an atmosphere that felt like an extension of their love story. The candid shots captured guests savoring locally sourced, bespoke cuisine.

Elizabeth and Max’s wedding at Primo Restaurant in Rockland, Maine, was a true testament to the power of authenticity and the beauty of a candid, photojournalistic approach to capturing memories. Their celebration was a blend of rustic elegance and genuine connections, a reflection of their commitment to each other and the world around them. Through the lens of their chosen photographer, their wedding day became a living story, a documented journey of two souls joining in a bond as strong and enduring as the landscape that surrounded them.

Photographer: Emily Leonard Photography // insta + fb: @emilyleonardphotography

Venue: Primo Barn – Rockland Maine

Catering: Primo Restaurant

Planning: Dragonfly Services

Florals: Golden Brook Farm

Hair + Makeup: Mane and co. – Ashli Bickford

Bride’s Wedding Attire: Anais Anette

Grooms Wedding Attire: Canali

Wedding Party Attire: hellomolly

Music: Maine Made Weddings

Bakery: Primo

Mixology: Primo

Engagement and wedding bands: Gillian Conroy



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