Love at First Slice: Tessie and Mike’s Old Port Engagement Session

As a Maine wedding photographer (and more importantly) a lover of carbs, I’m a sucker for love stories that involve pizza and candid love moments. So when Tessie and Mike invited me to capture their engagement session at Portland Pie Company, I knew we were in for something special – and boy, did they deliver!

It’s safe to say that these two have a pizza my heart…

and that I knead more of these types of sessions…

Sorry, I know that was really cheesy!

(Ok, I’m a dork but at least I take great photos!)

As a southern Maine film photographer, I live for those authentic, candid moments that come when couples let themselves be silly and in the moment during their sessions. Tessie and Mike were the epitome of genuine affection, from the first frame to the last these two never stopped smiling.

After grabbing a slice (or two) of pizza, we wandered the cobblestone streets of the Old Port. As we moves up and down the cobblestone streets the wind picked up Tessie’s hair and made for a beautiful and cinematic moment.

Ultimately, Tessie and Mike’s engagement session wasn’t just about taking pictures – it was about celebrating their love in all its cheesy, heartwarming glory. And as a Portland Maine engagement photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect couple to capture. Here’s to Tessie and Mike – may your love story be as timeless as the cobblestones beneath your feet!

Photographer: Emily Leonard Photogaphy

Venue: Portland Pie Compnay

Pizza Choice: The Merrimack



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