Emily & Vanessa’s Adventurous Acadia Elopement

As a Maine elopement photographer I have a passion for capturing stories at beautiful places. Luckily, I had the honor of photographing Emily and Vanessa’s Acadia National Park elopement this May. Theirs was not just a wedding; it was an adventurous journey filled with laughter, canoodles (ifykyk), and candids moments of joy.

We embarked on our photographic journey by hiking up to North Bubble, a stunning vantage point overlooking Jordan Pond. The bright midday sun soaked the landscape in warmth and light as Emily and Vanessa exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony on the treebreak of the hike. After exploring a handful of spots along the way, Vanessa and Emily decided on a scenic location with blue skies and the ocean in the distance.

Emily radiated elegance in her vintage white wedding dress, while Vanessa exuded confidence in her custom tan suit. Their contrasting styles perfectly complemented each other, and made for some stunning portraits of the two of them.

The love between Emily and Vanessa was palpable as I captured each moment against the backdrop of Acadia’s beauty. Pine trees, birch trees, and slates of rock scattered the 1.5 mile hike. As I placed them in spots of light, their connection was easy for everyone to see. As fellow hikers congratulated the women on their special day it was easy to feel the celebratory nature of not only those who know and love them but also amongst the strangers enjoying their Saturday hikes alongside the couple.

After the ceremony, we made our way to the iconic Sand Beach, where a romantic picnic awaited the now, wives. With a majestic mountain towering in the background, Emily and Vanessa munched on a delightful spread of charcuterie, cake, and champagne. Toasts were announced, kisses were shared, and memories were made.

As we continued with their elopement day, Emily and Vanessa’s playful spirits came alive on the sandy shore. They explored the beach hand in hand, remaining in the moment and fully experiencing every instant of their adventure. And when they accidentally stumbled during a photo, it only added to the authenticity of their love story, eliciting belly laughs and big smiles that spread across their faces

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden hue over the ocean, I captured the final moments of their elopement. Against the backdrop of Acadia’s natural beauty, Emily and Vanessa spent the rest of their evening snuggled on the beach enjoying one another.

Ultimately, Emily and Vanessa’s Maine elopement was not just about saying “I do” in a beautiful place; it was about embarking on a lifelong adventure together. And as their photographer for their engagement last May, I felt honored to continue the journey and happy to have been a part of their adventure elopement.

Cheers, Vanessa & Emily!



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