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$500 off if you have a professional wedding planning team 
10% off any collection for LGBTQ / BIPOC couples (please self-disclose in initial inquiry) 


I am totally feeling the

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I'm ready to...

You deserve the most professional and passionate team supporting and celebrating you on your wedding day. I work hard before, during, and after your special day to ensure that you feel natural in front of the camera. I do this by allowing myself to be in the moment with you on your wedding day. The best compliment in my book is when a wedding guests asks "how long have you been friends with the couple?" because it is that easy to be around each other. 
My eyes are always searching for emotion and memorializing your moments in time. No recycled content here, we capture the moment as it unfolds organically. 

I believe that...


The way your person looks at you across the room, how your mom wipes a tear away during your father-daughter dance, your best friend’s belly laugh while you struggle with your tie in the morning, the way your sister’s face lights up when she sees you in your gown for the first time. Those moments that are so fleeting they can be bypassed by some will forever be at the forefront of my mind. 

Life is fragile, life is amazing, life is heavy. 
All of these memories and experiences are what I bring to each wedding I photograph. 
Shifting my focus towards people and moments has allowed me to capture memories. 

maine wedding photographer - Working worldwide

...it's the little things

You're totally my kinda people if...

Your number one priority on your wedding day is the people

You Enjoy bad jokes and a quirky personality 

You Love your person a whole heck of a lot 

You enjoy honest imagery and not recycled content